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Re: non-root build failure + correct permissions for /usr/obj?

    Date:        Tue, 25 May 2010 18:32:20 +0200
    From:        Alan Barrett <>
    Message-ID:  <>

  | If encounters the situation "non-root user ran without
  | '-U'", then I think it requires guessing for the script to choose
  | between "the problem is that the user should have specified '-U'" and
  | "the problem is that the user should have run the script as root".

But does it really matter (unless you have something very weird like DESTDIR=/
which requires -E right?)   Either way the build works, the -U form might need
an invocation or mtree (or however it is done) after it completes if the
DESTDIR is to be used for more than building release sets, but is that
really a problem?

The only place I see it making a real difference is if running an update
build with different options than the previous build, but there are so many
ways to break things doing that that this extra one (which is possible anyway)
isn't worth worrying about.


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