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Re: Questions about using agr(4)

On May 19, 2010, at 23:16, Chris Ross wrote:
1) Is there an "easier" way to remove addresses (in my case, the IPv6 link-local address) from the component interfaces beyond hard- coding it into an ifconfig.bge0 file (or, I guess, in rc.conf variables) ? It just seems a shame to have to work that hard at that.

This question I answered myself. There is no IPv6 link-local address at boot time, when the interface has never been brought up. So, there's no need to mess with it, I can just add it to an agr(4).

And, a new question, since I seem to be having some issues getting vlan(4) interfaces up on my agr:

3) Does agr(4) support vlan interfaces using it? Or does it have an issue with that?

                - Chris

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