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Re: librump hits again...

On Thu, May 13, 2010 at 10:06:30AM +0300, Andreas Gustafsson wrote:
> Kurt Schreiner wrote:
> > with -current source updated some minutes ago ... distribution
> > stops with:
> > 
> > dependall ===> usr.sbin/puffs/rump_cd9660
> >        link  rump_cd9660/rump_cd9660
> > /u/NetBSD/arch/alpha/dest/usr/lib/ undefined reference to 
> > `rumpns_uvm_km_va_drain'
> > collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
> FWIW, the failure appeared with the following commit:
>    2010. rmind src/sys/kern/subr_pool.c,v 1.184
> I mailed rmind about it yesterday but haven't seen a response.

Fixed.  *sigh*, I find it a little disturbing that ./ rumptest
is too difficult to type.

Well, actually, I find it more disturbing that people still commit
changes without running "anita test", but considering it takes 3h
on my machine as opposed to the 2min buildtest, I can see the merit
if you want to rush in untested changes.

For the n'th time, my usual M.O. per day / set of related changes is:
1) make changes in working tree
2) test
3) commit
4) checkout to clean tree
5) release
6) anita test
7) have beer or, if necessary, fix any unforeseen regressions

I really wish that would be made required policy for all MI /
non-hardware changes.  The only thing it really requires is that
a developer finishes committing changes a few hours before going
to bed or afk or whatever.

(yes, anita test and/or atf could use some further improvements
for even better reporting of regressions, but it's god damn impressive
already as-is.  kudos to gson and jmmv for making it happen).

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