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NetBSD-current vs Acer Aspire ONE D250-0bk

Hello there!

NetBSD is my OS of choice on my home server (which has been running
night and day for the last three years) and since i "just" got a
netbook with pretty common hardware, I'd like to run NetBSD on it.

But... I ran into some troubles :-\

First of all: network cards.
(i can live with no gui, but i can't even think of living without
networking support)

I have an attanasic-based card, which should be managed by the age(4)
driver.. age(4) seems to be enable in my -current GENERIC conf file.
I'll try to rebuild and reinstall NetBSD tonight.

About wireless card: i have a broadcom bcm4312, but enabling the bwi
driver as someone wrote in some previous e-mails did not work.
Is there anything i can do to improve network card probing?

Thanks in advance.

Emanuele Santoro

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