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Re: RAID array configuration within NetBSD

        Hello.  Look at bioctl(8) and bio(4) man pages. I think these will
tell you which raid drivers are controllable through the bioctl(8) command,
and this is what you want, I think.

On May 5, 11:35pm, Chris Ross wrote:
} Subject: RAID array configuration within NetBSD
}    I know this is a question that has been asked many times, and I  
} apologize to ask again.  But searching the lists and man pages mostly  
} yields a "no, it can't be done [now]" answer.
}    So the further question is, is anyone working on or interested in  
} there being utilities running within a running NetBSD system to  
} configure the RAID arrays behind aac(4), mfi(4), cac(4), ciss(4), and/ 
} or other raid controllers?  Or, is it just too complicated and  
} everyone has already accepted that just doing it all through the BIOS  
} or other off-line utility is the only reasonable way to go?
}    Thanks....
}                                     - Chris
>-- End of excerpt from Chris Ross

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