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Re: sysinst split project - The Configuration File

I use OSX as my day-job computer, with NetBSD at home on my raidframe 
filestore, and on virtualboxen.

I'd be quite happy with an XML based configuration file methodology. 

After all, OSX uses .plist files. -So, I'm already 'there' for some value of 

Complexity of editing? phui. Please. Don't try my patience. vi/emacs/ed and 
grep and sed and now shell level XML tools to do grep? I'm happy.

I'll trade size for consistency any time. the files are huge? they're still 
smaller than boot-time VESA logo .GIF images!

To the lua fans. Look, I don't disbelieve you that this can work, or other OS 
do this. But, I'm struggling to see this fitting naturally into a BSD community 
framework. OpenBSD and FreeBSD and Dragonfly are not just 'interesting' -there 
is active codeshare. I worry that this step is a step which winds up reducing 
mindshare, and codeshare, irreversably.

So, as a (l)user not a developer, please, leave lua on the pkgsrc side, for 
now. Do XML because its a small, natural step, and it looks to me that in the 
BSD mindspace, its already 'there' -in OSX


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