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Re: sysinst split project - The Configuration File

David Young wrote:
> Use XML for the configuration.  That ensures that the configuration is
> queryable/transformable with NetBSD's forthcoming xmltools.  I know that
> writing XML by hand is objectionable, so establish a one-to-one mapping
> from your user-friendly format to an XML format.  Provide a tool to/from
> the XML format.

I wouldn't recommend XML route. Write a user-friendly lua script
instead. Someone posted an example in some (custom?) config language.
It can be easily transformed to a lua script:

-- Library code
function config(content)

function disk1()

function disklabel(content)

-- User config file
config {
        disk1 {
                disklabel {

If one wants arbitrary section names, he or she can implement a function
that returns another function:

function section(name)
    return function(content) end

section "mysection" {}


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