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Possible problem with ntpd on NetBSD-5.0

        Hello.  We run a stratum 1 public time server under netBSD-4 which has
worked flawlessly for the past 18 months.  It's used fairly heavily,
processing something on the order of 11,000 requests/second 24 hours a day
7 days a week.
        Last night I attempted to update the machine to 5.0-stable, with less
than satisfying results.
        the problem seemed to be that the ntpd kept grabbing more and more
memory, until it would exit with a memory allocation failure.  Ntpd-4.2.4p2-o,
the version under NetBSD-4, runs happily in about 3mbytes of memory.  The
4.2.4p6-o, which runs under NetBSD-5 wanted to grab more than a gig of ram
before dying because the machine has nothing more to offer.
        It'spossible this is some sort of problem with the socket library,
since I also saw a lot of mbufs dedicated to ancillary data with netstat
        While I try to figure out how to diagnose the problem, I've reverted
the machine to its former software load, and I thought I'd write to ask if
anyone has seen this problem with ntpd, and if they've been able to track
down where the problem is?


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