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Re: boot problem

>>>>> "Mandacarú" == Mandacarú Cascavel <> writes:

    Mandacarú>  I've installed NetBSD-current amd64 "from scratch" and
    Mandacarú>  I've got the same boot problem as when updating the
    Mandacarú>  system. Now, booting daily current-images from qemu,I
    Mandacarú>  continue to get the same message:

    Mandacarú> "Booting from Hard Disk...
    Mandacarú>  NetBSD MBR boot
    Mandacarú>  NetBSD/x86 ffsv2 Primary Bootstrap"

    Mandacarú> ...and the boot process stops.

Same here on my amd64/-current system for several days now (since some
i386/stand was changed?). Culprit seems to be broken
/usr/mdec/bootxx__* now. Using/installing primary boot loaders of the
netbsd-5 branch instead make the otherwise unchanged system boot
normally again.


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