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Re: Linux NFS client, NetBSD server, locking problems?

At Fri, 27 Nov 2009 13:41:23 -0500, Miles Nordin <carton%Ivy.NET@localhost> 
Subject: Re: Linux NFS client, NetBSD server, locking problems?
> for me, mac os x started having problems with an NFS server that
> doesn't do locking at 10.5, like Finder acts weird unless I use mount
> option 'locallocks' with this particular ancient server.  10.4 didn't
> have the problems.  if you had experience with Mac OS X 10.4, it
> probably doesn't apply any more.

Hmmm.... I _thought_ it was OS X 10.4 where I had to started to use
"mount -o nolock" when accessing NFS partitions from my NetBSD
server(s).  Literally I use:

       mount -o -P,-i,tcp,nolock fs:/part /fs/part

I found this was needed because NetBSD _does_ implement NFS locking!

I'm not sure why NFS locking doesn't work well for the Finder, though I
have indeed aloo observed weird problems with the Finder if locking is
not disabled.

I noticed that NFS locking was working though when I found I had a file
locked on the server (by vi, IIRC) and then couldn't access it with
something that also did locking on the macbook.

Note also that on OS X (10.5, at least), the mount_nfs(8) manual page
claims that "soft"+"readonly" mounts will also have the "locallocks"
option enabled by default.  I didn't want soft mounts, and with a
read-only mount I didn't really care whether local locks worked or not.

What I really want is to be able to compare a NetBSD NFS client based
NFS locking implementation, but sadly we don't have one integrated yet.

                                                Greg A. Woods
                                                Planix, Inc.

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