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Re: Hair pinning with pf and NetBSD

On Wed, 25 Nov 2009 10:30 +1100, "Malcolm Herbert" <>
> I have a similar problem I'm trying to solve with ipf on Solaris, so
> it's a little off topic for this list, but essentially we're wanting to
> be able to have our applications configured for some (possibly fake) IP
> a.b.c.d and then use NAT on the same host to redirect these connections
> to remote hosts w.x.y.z or i.j.k.l depending on which is up at the time
> ... 

Joerg's previous reply reminded me - in this instance we can't use
netcat/socat as the application maintains a connection pool of around
50-70 open connections ...

even on a fairly grunty box that many proxy processes hanging around at
2.5M + 2FD per process is Not Good[1] ... which is why I wanted to just
use NAT and keep the state to a minimum ... 


[1] we actually delivered a solution based on this before we knew about
the connection pool sizing ... uncomfortable moment, that.

Malcolm Herbert                                This brain intentionally                                                left 

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