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Re: Source-based routing (sometimes)

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Hans Rosenfeld wrote:

> I recently had a similar problem. Some other pf rule created state
> information that matched those packets that were supposed to go through
> the tunnel. Adding "no state" to all rules that could possibly affect
> those packets fixed it for me.

I thought this was the problem as well, but it does not seem to be so.

In my case, ONLY packets coming in through the tunnel will have a
destination of, and I just want the replies to go out
that path as well.

I do see that packets originating inside my home net actually works
correctly though, and goes out and back in on gif0.

So, it seems that there is state being learned, but I have no idea why a
packet coming into gif0 is not getting learned as "should go out gif0".

- --Michael

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