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bnx(4) testers wanted

I updated in HEAD bnx(4) to the lastest OpenBSD version. Among other things
this brings in support for the newer Broadcom Netextreme II chips
(5709 and 5716). I tested it on a 5709 and a 5708 (which was already

Actually the jumbo frame support is not working with the 5709
(well, it works up to about 4000 bytes - as long as an ethernet frame+l2_fhdr
structure fits in a single page). jumbo frame is not supported at all in the
OpenBSD driver.
I think jumbo frame was working with the previous bnx driver and may still
be working for chips using the b06 firmware (only the 5709 uses the new
b09 one); unfortunably I can't test this with my 5708 right now. 
So I'm looking for someone with a non-5709 bnx device who could test
jumbo frame support with the new driver. You need a HEAD kernel with
if_bnx.c rev 1.30; or a netbsd-5 kernel built with the updated driver
available at

I'm also interested in more general test cases before I request a pullup to

For the record, I did this work using a Xen setup and PCI pass-through
support. Testing drivers in a Xen guest makes test cycles much
faster as a Xen guest boot is an order of magnitude faster than on
real hardware (this server requires several minutes for a clean boot between
power on and login prompt), and you don't have to boot a known-good kernel
after a crash to remplace the bad one :)
This server has 4 bnx devices; I could export 2 of them to a guest, and
a third one to a second guest (the dom0 using a add-on PCI device already
supported by NetBSD of course). this allowed me to test with both external
hosts through a 10/100 switch, and between 2 bnx using a cross-over cable.
I was pleased to see I could get 114MB from ttcp between 2 guests
running on the same physical hardware (and 102MB/s 2 ttcp at the same time,
one in each direction), without special tuning to the XEN3_DOMU kernel.

Manuel Bouyer <>
     NetBSD: 26 ans d'experience feront toujours la difference

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