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Re: sun2 and playstation2 ports to be moved into Attic

On Apr 4, 11:42pm, David Holland wrote:
} On Thu, Nov 12, 2009 at 05:57:54PM -0800, John Nemeth wrote:
}  >      Even if it does run, is it useful?  Is there any real hardware
}  > left that functions?  According to Wikipedia max. RAM was 8 MB.  Is
}  > that useful for running modern NetBSD and semi-modern apps?
} Given that a sun2 kernel should be relatively small, it's enough for
} e.g. a mail server, firewall, or any of the other things people do
} with small old machines.

     Maybe a small internal mail server.  If it has direct connectivity
to the Internet, the spammers will kill it.  These days, any mail
server facing the Internet, must be able to handle a fairly large load,
have anti-spam, and anti-virus.  This stuff all takes processing

     It might be able to work as a low speed firewall, but it would
gobble up a huge amount of power compared to say a Soekris.

} However, that assumes one still exists somewhere.
}  >      I would add that it must support PIC.  The lack of PIC support is
}  > a major pain in the neck for many things.  Especially in light of the
}  > extremely limited amount of memory it can take.
} What's different between it and other m68k ports? I've never seen a
} clear explanation.

     No idea.

}-- End of excerpt from David Holland

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