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Re: sun2 and playstation2 ports to be moved into Attic

On Nov 13, 12:11am, (Antti Kantee) wrote:
-- Subject: Re: sun2 and playstation2 ports to be moved into Attic

| On Fri, Nov 13, 2009 at 07:04:35AM +0900, Izumi Tsutsui wrote:
| > > I fixed the daily rump build issue, is there a newer one?
| > 
| >
| > > 
In function `rumpns_module_unload':
| > > kern_module.c:(.text+0xa0c): undefined reference to `rumpns_pnbuf_cache'
| Looking at the failure, I find it a little hard to believe it was
| ever fixed.  Seems like the problem is that LDADD+= and
| doesn't preserve Makefile order.
| Also, it's cool how the messenger is shot with things like ipv6
| not working on sun2.

So I have a build finished as of two weeks ago, so it broke again. sun2
is the only static platform build so it is bound to keep braking unless
people who make changes test a static build. This is what I call shooting
the messenger. The IPv6 issue was sillyness. The person who #ifdef'ed the
code just did not bother to spend 2 more minutes and make it work in low
memory machines. Anyway I will fire another build and fix the problem...
Now that we've verified that the kernel works, this is the only thing that
needs to be fixed.


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