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Re: Problem cross building NetBSD under Mac OS X Snow Leopard

Matthias Scheler <> writes:

> --- /Volumes/Sources/obj/destdir.amd64/METALOG.sanitised ---
> /Volumes/Sources/obj/tooldir.Darwin-10.2.0-i386/bin/nbmtree -CSM -k all -N 
> /share/src/NetBSD-current/src/etc </Volumes/Sources/obj/destdir.amd64/METALOG 
>  >/Volumes/Sources/obj/destdir.amd64/
> nbmtree: unknown group `everyone'
> nbmtree: failed at line 1323 of the specification

I get a similar-seeming error but for a different group under 10.5.  I
guessed that nbmtree was using host uid/gid, but didn't get any further.

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