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At Sun, 8 Nov 2009 17:51:27 +0100, vincent <> wrote:
Subject: Re: ZFS
> Le 8 nov. 2009 ?à 14:35, Rhialto a ?écrit :
> > On Sun 08 Nov 2009 at 08:29:14 -0500, matthew sporleder wrote:
> >> My guess is that if you were Wasabi Systems shipping NetBSD/ZFS-based
> >> products, then you would be a probable target for a cease and desist
> >> order pending a licensing agreement with NetApp (of course, that's
> >> certainly not a specific problem anymore).  However, I think the  
> >> worst
> >> case for NetBSD would be a requirement to remove any sun-sourced,
> >> infringing code.
> >
> > Given this:
> >
> > it sounds like there is no such thing. Besides, software patents are  
> > not
> > allowed anyway.
> Well, in Europe may be not, but in the US, read the history of BSD,  
> and the birth of BSDLite. GIF also is a good example.

Hopefully not long in the US either, though I'm just blue-sky dreaming

I haven't read the whole article, and I dare not claim to understand
anything about US law, but the leading paragraphs are interesting:

   With the technology industry looking on, the Supreme Court on Monday
   will explore what types of inventions should be eligible for a patent
   in a pivotal case that could undermine such legal protections for

   A ruling that sides with the Patent Office could bar patents on
   processes and methods of doing business, such as online shopping
   techniques, medical diagnostic tests and procedures for executing
   trades on Wall Street. And it might even undercut patents on

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