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vncviewer, xen, and fullscreen

I'm having difficulty getting the fullscreen function to work using vncviewer.
I will start vncviewer, and get a console. Then, when I try to run my
wm (via startx),
it will run, but the size of the screen doesn't change. I will try to
expand the size of the screen using the fullscreen menu option from
the vncviewer console. Then the
screen goes black, except the center, where I see the exact same size wm.
I had this working awhile back, and I wonder if I'm missing something
in my configuration, or if this is part of the flux we experience as a
consequence of using -current.
Here's my config file (truncated) for your inspection, any feedback is welcome.

# By default, 'xm create' will try to open an X window on the current display
# for the virtal framebuffer. You can have the virtal framebuffer in vnc
# instead, and connect using a vnc client (using localhost:$vncdisplay)
# If vncunused is set to 1 (this is the default value), vncdisplay
# will be set to the first unused port; so it's recommended to
vnc = 1
vncdisplay = 2
vncunused = 0


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