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Re: update build fails on mtree invocation

On Wed 04 Nov 2009 at 21:52:56 +0100, Rhialto wrote:
> This doesn't happen with a fresh build, but a re-build in update mode
> fails like this (with -j 4, in case it matters):

Oops, I spoke too soon. It happens on a regular clean build as well.
Crosscompiling from FreeBSD, which apparently matters:

makesetfiles ===> /tank/vol-fourquid-1/olafs/netbsd-git/cvs/src/distrib/sets
nbmtree: unknown group `ftp'
nbmtree: failed at line 1301 of the specification
--- /vol-fourquid-1/olafs/netbsd-git//work/destdir.amd64/METALOG.sanitised ---
*** [/vol-fourquid-1/olafs/netbsd-git//work/destdir.amd64/METALOG.sanitised] 
Error code 1
1 error
nbmake: stopped in /tank/vol-fourquid-1/olafs/netbsd-git/cvs/src/distrib/sets
--- distribution ---
*** [distribution] Error code 2
1 error

The file .../destdir.amd64/METALOG does indeed contain this on line 1301:

./var/chroot/named/etc/namedb/cache type=dir uid=14 gname=ftp mode=0775

and it is the first time that gname=ftp is mentioned.

What strikes me as odd though is that ftp is used there at all; and
indeed in an earlier METALOG file from a native build I find

./var/chroot/named/etc/namedb/cache type=dir uname=named gname=named mode=0775

Maybe something in the build system uses the hosts's uid and gid
numbers? The host's /etc/group file contains


where on my own netbsd system I have the same gid for named:


Maybe the METALOG should always use numerical values for these, if they
are meant to be specific numbers. (I wonder where it got the mapping
named -> 14 from... and why the sanitizing step cannot use it as well...
or tar when it builds the tar files...)

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