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On Thu, 5 Nov 2009 00:36:24 +1300
Mark Davies <> wrote:

> wip/jdk16 fails to build on recent 5.0_STABLE (and presumably 
> recent -currents) with this error
> .../wip/jdk16/work.i386/hotspot/src/os/bsd/vm/os_bsd.cpp:1959: 
> error: 'Link_map' was not declared in this scope
> .../wip/jdk16/work.i386/hotspot/src/os/bsd/vm/os_bsd.cpp:1959: error: 'map
> ' was not declared in this scope
> this is because RTLD_DI_LINKMAP has been added but no definition of the 
> Link_map structure is provided in the standard headers.  How should this 
> be dealt with?

#if defined(__NetBSD__) && defined(RTLD_DI_LINKMAP)
typedef struct link_map Link_map;

(from pkgsrc/lang/openjdk7/patches/patch-aa)

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