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Can't boot the install CD on a *physical* machine.


OK, it may be something local, but I've tested it on some four
different machines with the same result.

I cannot boot anymore the NetBSD-current (i386) install CD on a
physical machine.

The ISO file boots fine under VirtualBox.

And no, it is not a problem with the CD either - the physical CD also
boots fine under VirtualBox.

Same CD on a physical machine gives me either just the first line of
the message - and then waits forever - or a message that it cannot
read the CD.

This happens with both self-compiled 5.99.20 (and a few versions
earlier - the last one I was able to boot was AFAIR 5.99.15) and with
boot.iso downloaded this morning from

Any ideas?

Chavdar Ivanov

Pablo Picasso  - "Computers are useless. They can only give you
answers." -

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