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Re: 2-clause license for res_init.c

Also the same code is in NetBSD's tree at

(There is also a significantly changed version under 
src/dist/dhcp/minires/res_init.c which does have the license already 

Note that you referred to a file in the CVS attic and under 
src/dist/bind. "dist" and "external" (as seen in second link above) 
means it is code maintained outside of NetBSD. In this case, it came 
from ISC BIND 9. It was split out of BIND 9 (upstream) and is now 
shipped in libbind. See

I submitted a bug report (#20413) at the upstream maintainer of that 
file to get the licenses improved. (By getting it fixed there, the fix 
will make it to NetBSD too.)

As for the libc version it was from the BIND 9 sources, so it missed the 
license purge when NetBSD cleaned these up.

echo V jbex sbe VFP. | tr "PVFsxbej" "CISfkorw" 

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