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-current crash when using USB stick; incomplete fsck?


Last night I had two crashes with 5.99.17/amd64.
The first one happened immediately after I put a CF card in the
already attached card reader.

The second one happened when I plugged in a USB flash disk.

After the second one, the system wasn't booting.
fsck of wd0a was fine, but boot failed with "freeing free inode".
Repeated fscks didn't help.

I booted a 5.0.1 (or is it 5.0?)/amd64 install CD and ran fsck from
there (which didn't report any errors either), after that, booting
worked again.

Since I haven't commented out the "ddb.onpanic?=0" line in
/etc/sysctl.conf I have no backtraces for the crashes. I might get
around to repeating them early next week.

Has anyone else seen similar problems?

I'm not completely sure when I last used a USB stick, but I think it
was less than two weeks ago, so it probably was working in 5.99.16;
since then I've added "hal" to the automatically started
services. Other than that, I don't remember changes that could be
connected to this.

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