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Re: One more anomaly after 5.99.17 upgrade

On Sun, 13 Sep 2009, Alan Barrett wrote:

On Sat, 12 Sep 2009, Paul Goyette wrote:
[running /etc/rc.d/mountcritremote]
/etc/rc.d/mountcritremote reported failure status 1

/etc/defaults.rc.conf sets critical_filesystems_local=/var and
critical_filesystems_remote=/usr.  Perhaps you didn't override those,
and you don't have a /usr file system?  mountcritremote redirects the
output of the "mount" command to /dev/null, so you won't see the actual
error message when it tries to mount the nonexistent /usr file system.

Yup, that was it! I never even thought to see what the defaults were for critical_filesystems_remote

Without reading the actual code, I cannot comprehend why mountcritremote would consider it a failure when attempting to mount an undefined /usr partition, yet mountcritlocal doesn't complain about not having a /var partition defined!

I think we need a way of distinguishing between
"critical_filesystems_remote=/usr because that's the default" and
"critical_filesystems_remote=/usr because the admin said so", with
no error in the first case even if /usr doesn't exist.  I have two
simple ideas:

A) Set critical_filesystems_remote="DEFAULT" and
  critical_filesystems_remote="DEFAULT" in /etc/defaults/rc.conf,
  and teach mount_critical_filesystems in rc.subr that "DEFAULT"
  means "try /var or /usr as appropriate, but it's not an error
  if it does not exist.

B) Set critical_filesystems_remote="NOERROR:/var" and
  critical_filesystems_remote="NOERROR:/usr" in /etc/defaults/rc.conf,
  and teach mount_critical_filesystems in rc.subr that "NOERROR:foo"
  means "try foo, but it's not an error if it does not exist".

I prefer B. Option A requires embedding the "real" default value in some unexpected location. Even if there were a comment telling people where to go to find the "real" default, it's an extra step...

[running /etc/rc.d/savecore]
Checking for core dump...
savecore - - - no core dump
/etc/rc.d/savecore reported failure status 1

Either rc.d/savecore or savecore(8) itself should be changed to make
"no core dump" not an error.


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