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Re: hdaudio(4) "mixerctl -a" -> panic

Am Wednesday, den 09.09.2009, 11:49 +0200 schrieb Matthias Drochner:
> said:
> > kernel: integer divide fault trap, code=0
> That was me. I'm working on a fix, will be in the tree
> in a couple of minutes.
> (I'm not sure a mixer with step 0 or 1 is good for
> anything, but at least it should not crash.)
> best regards
> Matthias

This is looking very promising! I'm on an Asus P6T-SE (Intel X58) and
azalia didn't let me set the recording source (and as mentioned in the
hdaudio man page, the mixer names were less than pretty). With hdaudio,
mixerctl -a looks very nice and audioplay and mpg123 work, so the device
is getting set up properly. I can even already hear the microphone input
through the speakers!

However, when hald starts I get a panic in audio_ioctl+0x364 which
appears to be due to sc == NULL in audio.c:2234 (case AUDIO_GETDEV).

Unfortunately, savecore didn't store the dump and I can't use ddb as I'm
on a USB keyboard, but if I can somehow contribute more useful
information I'm happy to help!

Once the glitches are fixed hdaudio looks like a very nice driver!


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