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NetBSD-current fails to build


I've downloaded a fresh copy of kernel and userland sources as of yesterday. 
Attempts to build the release binaries fails during the compilation of rescue 
binaries with the following error:

mkdir rcorder
( cd rcorder; 
printf '.PATH: /usr/src/bin/rcorder\n.CURDIR:= /usr/src/bin/rcorde
r\n.include "${.CURDIR}/Makefile"\n' | /usr/obj/toolsdir/bin/nbmake -f- 
PROG=1 DBG="-Os" depend )
nbmake: "(stdin)" line 3: Cannot open /usr/src/bin/rcorder/Makefile
nbmake: Fatal errors encountered -- cannot continue

nbmake: stopped in /usr/src/rescue/obj/rcorder

The problem appears to be that the compiler expects rcorder 
in /usr/src/bin/rcorder whereas it resides in /usr/src/sbin/rcorder. I 
checked the configuration files in /usr/src/rescue, which appear to be fine. 
The problem is due to /usr/obj/rescue/ with following entry for 

# -------- rcorder

rcorder_OBJPATHS= rcorder/

/usr/obj/rescue/rescue.conf shows rcorder in sbin.

How is the /usr/obj/rescue/ file created? What resources are used?

I understand the creation of /usr/obj/rescue/rescue.conf, but fail to see how 
this is done for

All sources are fresh and hence there are no dead and obsolete files expected 
to case this problem, as the old source tree was completely removed.

Any help is very much appreciated.

cheerio Berndt

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