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Re: setting keyboardlayout via setxkbmap(1)

On Sat, Feb 14, 2009 at 09:03:17PM +0000, Felix Resch wrote:
> i've encounterd a problem where german umlauts wont be displayed in
> xterm and other apps from the xorg-distribution (in 5RC1) but in 3rd party 
> x-apps.
> (after changing keyboard layout with 'setxkbmap de')
> This is not the case with X11R6 on netbsd-4.99.73
> Could someone confirm/clarify this?

Now with xorg 1.6.3 2009-7-7, I get "Error loading new keyboard description"
no matter what settings I give to setxkbmap (e.g. setxkbmap -layout fr)



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