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Re: Corner cases for log() in our math library

> 2) The fix to my small test program by adding a statement of
>    fixes the test program's behaviour, but replicating this
>    initialization in parrot's NetBSD platform init code does *not* fix
>    the problem.

I found the answer to this problem with some hints from a fellow
developer.  Someone had thought it would be a good idea to do the
above as a static initialization, instead of as an active statement.
"That doesn't work the way you think it does." :)

Not sure who put that in place ... it may have been me...

Anyway, I've added two patches and upgraded the lang/parrot package to
version 1.5.0, and it now passes all the current self-tests.

The question whether the semantics of log() in the corner cases under
the _POSIX_ variant is correct still stands.


- Håvard

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