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Re: ntfs ubc_uiomove error

In article <>,
Patrick Welche  <> wrote:
>I just had
>  ubc_uiomove: error=22       (EINVAL)
>(basically uvm_io) after
>  vnconfig -z vnd0 rwd0e.cloop2
>  mount -t ntfs /dev/vnd0a /mnt
>  cp boot.sdi /tmp
>yet I can happily
>  cat boot.sdi > /tmp/foobar
>  diff /tmp/foobar boot.sdi
>How can this be? (amd64/current)

There is very little write support for ntfs. You can only overwrite existing
files if you don't exceed the current size IIRC. I think that the code should
be modified to not allow read/write mounts until this is fixed. If you really
want to write ntfs there is a fuse based ntfs filesystem written for linux
that should work.


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