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Re: merge for gt(4) and Marvell SoC

KIYOHARA Takashi wrote:

> I put newer patch.
> mvsata(4) and mvgbe(4) were moved to dev/marvell.
> Next, I merged mvtwsi.  Ooops, gti2c(4) will not work.  It have more bug.
> Howver, EV64260 not use gti2c...
> gt0 at mvsoc0 addr 0xf1000000

What is "gt0" in this context?  The existing uses of "gt" for drivers
in NetBSD are for the Galileo Technology system controllers found in
some MIPS and PowerPC boards (like the EV64260).  Marvell bought Galileo
Technology which is why these appear in sys/dev/marvell.

I suspect you want a different parent bus name for the ARM-based Marvell
SoC chips - it looks like this bus is called the Mbus, at least in the

I also wonder if the ARM-based Marvell device support should live in a
separate directory to the Galileo Technology-based system controllers.
Perhaps move each to a different subdirectory under sys/dev/marvell?

Sorry I have no answers, just more questions...


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