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Did anything change in the building of PAM modules?

I just updated my packages to 5.0 and the new branch.
Now pkgsrc/security/pam-af doesn't work any more.

sshd is complaining:
Aug  5 21:47:27 radl sshd: in openpam_dispatch(): 
    /usr/pkg/lib/security/ no pam_sm_setcred()

Did anything change in what symbols are exported in dynamic objects in 5.0? doesn't export the required symbols.  PAM_EXTERN is "static",
in this fragment:

pam_sm_setcred(pamh, flags, argc, argv)
        pam_handle_t    *pamh;
        int             flags __unused;
        int             argc;
        const char      *argv[];

but there seem to be some macros that put entry points into a structure.

Anyway, whatever the method, it worked previously and now it doesn't any

Any ideas?

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