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Re: pkgsrc and openssl on NetBSD current

In article <>,
Sverre Froyen  <> wrote:
>It looks like the recent openssl updates to NetBSD current causes some 
>packages not to build.  Examples are php5 and apache22.  Should this be fixed 
>package by package or there some type of shim that can be added to current (or 
>did I mess up my system)?

It depends: If the OpenSSL people decide to fix the namespace issues, we
are going to update to the version with the fixed namespace issue. If the
issue is an API change, we are going to fix the API change in the package
unless again the OpenSSL people decide to revert the change. So all of this
breakage should be communicated first with the OpenSSL maintainers and they
can decide what to do.


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