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Re: SMSC LAN9118 Family driver

> > >+  if (myea == NULL) {
> >  :
> > >+  } else
> > >+          /* We set MACaddr to MAC CSR, after Soft reset. */
> > >+          memcpy(sc->sc_enaddr, myea, ETHER_ADDR_LEN);
> >
> > I'm not sure how/when backends pass the myea values, but if it
> > could be board specific, it might be better to pass it via proplib
> > like wm(4) for iyonix.
> I do not think like that. This has only wm_attach() though wm is obtained
> via proplib.  On the other hand, smsh can obtain myea in each back end.
> For instance, gumstix obtains it in if_smsh_gxio.c.
> The proplib will only have to be used at that time if smsh@isa needs myea.

Well, it's difficult to comment without actual backend sources.

Which backend can use LAN9118_ADDR[HL] to obtain its MAC address,
and which one needs to pass its MAC address via myea?

If MAC address settings are defined per each backend (isa, gxio etc.),
it's okay to pass myea from backend.

If some specific board or port could have different MAC address
settings even with the same backend, myea should be set via proplib
which will be set in per port device_register().
Izumi Tsutsui

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