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Kernel modules

Having just seen Andy's reference to sys/modules/example/ I was looking around and noticed a couple of things in the sys/modules/Makefile that might bear cleaning up:

1. There's a section conditional on architecture being i386 or x86_64
   with but a single entry, tprof_pmi.  Immediately thereafter, there is
   a separate section for each of i386 and x86_64, with several entries
   duplicated.  Seems to me we should be consistent, and either factor
   out ALL the duplicates, or include tprof_pmi in both sections (and
   remove the "i386 || x8664" section).

2. I notice that drm and i915drm exist in both i386 and x86_64, but
   radeondrm exists only in i386.  Is there a reason that radeondrm
   isn't included in x86_64?

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