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Option N.V. Wireless WAN modem driver

   I have a working USB driver for Option N.V. Wireless WAN modems, as per
the hso module for FreeBSD[1] and the hso driver for Linux[2]. My latest
source is at:

The driver should support more devices than I have listed, but the Linux
driver only lists product IDs and I've trawled the forum at
and matched as many as I can to the actual product names but don't know
what to do about the rest, do we have a policy on that? (some are
experimental internal versions that are unlikely to be seen in the wild
but some are genuine products). I did email one of the authors of the
Linux driver (works at Option) but have had no reply as yet.

The devices initially attach as umass with the windows etc drivers on (I
did not manage to mount the fs though) and after a SCSI REZERO_UNIT
command will detach and reattach as the modem. I see that some other
drivers handle the transition automatically but I find that a little
distasteful and would prefer to have some kind of hotplug manager for
that. Any news on that devd?

Anyway, I have an iCON 225 that attaches as:

  uhso0 at uhub0 port 2
  uhso0: Option N.V. Globetrotter HSDPA Modem, rev 1.10/0.00, addr 2
  uhso0: Control (port 0) attached as mux tty
  uhso0: Application (port 3) attached as mux tty
  uhso0: Network (port 11) attached as ifnet
  uhso0: Diagnostic (port 1) attached as bulk tty
  uhso0: Modem (port 8) attached as bulk tty

So far I have used the Modem (with pppd) and the Network (direct IP) ports
for a week or so each with no problems. The Control port is for
configuring the Network port and the Application port seems to provide an
AT command stack (perhaps for sending SMS etc while the Control port is
being used)

There exist control programs for the Network port (there are some
proprietary AT commands used in configuration) but I'm inclined to not
port them to NetBSD at this time as we already have pppd which works well.
The hsoctl binary written for FreeBSD could be made to work with a little
effort and the HSOconnect pyGTK script for the Linux driver needs changes
to be used on BSD but could probably be added to pkgsrc.

The bulk tty ports could be attached as ucom (or uhmodem) but I thought it
would be better to keep them all together for now. The FreeBSD driver has
just been rewritten for the new USB stack and as their ucom driver has
been reworked so that the driver can handle the IO methods, they will find
a bunch of ttyU? instead.

So, any comments?



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