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Re: Marvell SATA driver

> I think, recent SATA controllers(siisata, ahcisata) supports DMA.
> This function is not offered for the end-users.  This is offered to
> developers.

Okay, if that #ifdef MVSATA_WITHOUTDMA is prepared for
development or debug purpose only, there is no problem.
But in that case we don't have to mention that option
in section 4 manual page, IMO. For developers, comments
in the source file is enough.

> And, if the end-users is confused, all '#ifdef - #endif' will be deleted
> to begin with.  DMA is always enabled.

If DMA has worked fine and there is no worth even for developers
to disable it, it's okay to remove that ifdefs.
Izumi Tsutsui

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