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Re: Can't boot port-amd64 -current

On Sun, Jul 19, 2009 at 09:33:47PM +0200, Paul Goyette wrote:
> I've just rebuilt everything from sources updated via CVS a few hours 
> ago, and I cannot successfully boot a 5.99.15 kernel...
> On two machines (one an Intel Core i7, the other an AMD Phenom) it gets 
> as far as attaching acpi0 at mainbus 0 and then hangs;  on a third 
> machine (an Intel Cure 2 Quad-core) it just reboots immediately after 
> loading the new kernel.
> The two Intel machines have been reverted to a 5.99.15 kernel from 
> 2009-07-07 and are running just fine.  The AMD Phenom has been reverted 
> to a 5.99.14 and it is now also running fine.
> Any suggestions on what might have happened?
No idea, but same here:  Both quadcores (AMD 9650 and Intel Q6600) "hang"
on boot doing nothing, no output at all. There's no (visible?) problem on
i386 compiled from the same source...


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