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Re: getline fallout

Steven M. Bellovin wrote:
I'm rebuilding all of my packages on one of my -current machines.  A
number are failing because of the addition of getline() to stdio.h.
(The only two I know for sure right now are print/web2c and
textproc/ispell-base; I'll try to come up with a longer list later.)
For now, my question is this: why do these packages not have problems
building on Linux?

Both those should now be fixed.
kdevelop-base needs a fix and that with prove tricky as their getline hack is just #ifdef and it needs to be autotooled.

Linux *does* see this problem if you have glibc-2.10 as they moved getline out of the _GNU_SOURCE guard in that version. Of course, distros may patch their glibc to put the guard back ...



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