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Re: ia64 and emap


> Hello,
> KIYOHARA Takashi <> wrote:
>> > Do you have a backtrace?
>> Ooops.  We have not implement command 'bt' yet. ;-)
>> It will speak information without the meaning...
> OK. :)
>> > Why do you want to make it global?
>> We were able to obtain ubc_nwins and ubc_winshift.  Can we obtain
>> uvm_emap_size?
> I see, you are using these values to calculate required KVA. However,
> is that a long term solution? I think it should be calculated in some
> dynamic way (cf. x86 or other pmaps) i.e. it is MD problem, not MI.

do you mean that you are going to mandate the growkernel stuff?


> For now, I think it is okay to put some workaround, preferably in IA64
> pmap, commit your changes, and improve the pmap later.
> -- 
> Mindaugas

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