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Shin'ichiro TAYA wrote:

> I've alreay installed -current on it and measured disk performance with
> bonnie++.
> But write performance is miserablely slow.
> (one reason is my SSD is most cheep range, but...)

If I'm reading that right, you're testing a 300MB file on a machine with
2GB of RAM.  You'll never get meaningful results from bonnie or any
filesystem performance measuring tool like that if you have a test file
that is less that the memory size of your computer.  Without checking, I
think the rule of thumb is to use 2*RAMSIZE as a base file size to work

> Are there any recommendation about configuration to achive more speed
> and long life time?
> (newfs option, parition geometory, mount option..)

At least for longer life (ie less writes) the section about disk tuning
in might be a
good place to start.


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