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Re: Hang after ahcisata

Steven M. Bellovin wrote:
On Fri, 03 Jul 2009 20:56:22 -0400
Adam K Kirchhoff <> wrote:

Using GENERIC on 5.0 (or -CURRENT as of today), my system hangs immediately after probing ahcisata. If I boot with the -c option and then disable ahcisata from userconf, the system boots up just fine
(but doesn't see my SATA disks, obviously).  I have seen similar
reports, mostly from 2008, mostly with suggestions to update and try
again as it was a known, fixed problem.

What kind of machine is it?  I've had similar problems with a Dell
Dimension 8400.  What I had to do was stick with a back-rev of one of
the ahci files, though I think that switching in the BIOS to ATA
emulation would work, too.

This is a Dell Precision 490. I don't mind sticking with an older revision of the driver. If you could let me know what file and version you are using, it would be much appreciated.

Of course, I'd rather just see the bug fixed :-)


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