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Re: acpilid works in single user but not in multiuser

I'm assuming that you have 'powerd=YES' in your /etc/rc.conf file?

sysmon_pswitch_event() checks to see if powerd process is running; if yes, then the lid event is delivered to powerd. But if powerd is not running (as would be expected in single-user mode), sysmon_pswitch_event does it's own printf()s.

I don't see any obvious error paths in the code that delivers the event to powerd (sysmon_power_daemon_task() in particular), but it might be useful to do throw in some debugging printf()s...

On Fri, 3 Jul 2009, matthew sporleder wrote:

So for a while I've thought the lid switch was broken on my eeepc, but
then today I had a disk problem and ended up in single user mode.  To
my surprise I found out that my lid switch was working again and
reporting to the console!

When I fsck-ed and rebooted I ended up with a non working lid switch
again until I did a "shutdown now".  After that the console is back to
printing out those re-assuring messages from acpilid.  I'm currently
running 5.99.11 from a little while ago.  Any ideas?


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