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Re: NetBSD fibre channel drivers

        Hello.  Sorry for my confusion.  You're absolutely right.  Saw fiber,
didn't even think about hba and the meaning of it. :)

On May 23,  1:30pm, John Nemeth wrote:
} Subject: Re: NetBSD fibre channel drivers
} On Oct 13,  5:19am, Brian Buhrow wrote:
} } On May 22,  1:09pm, Brook Milligan wrote:
} } } Subject: NetBSD fibre channel drivers
} } } I need to add a fibre channel HBA to a NetBSD server and would
} } } appreciate information on the status of drivers.  How well do they
} } } (e.g., isp, mpt, others?) work?  What HBA cards are recommended?  Is
} } } there support for the Qlogic 26XX cards?
} }
} }     Hello.  We've been using the Intel gigabit fiber cards using the wm(4)
}      Umm, fibre channel is for storage, not ethernet.  HBA stands for
} Host Bus Adapter (i.e. a host adaptor for some kind of external bus:
} SCSI, fibre channel, etc.).  And, the drivers mentioned above are for
} SCSI / fibre channel cards.
} }-- End of excerpt from Brian Buhrow
>-- End of excerpt from John Nemeth

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