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Re: Login incorrect or refused on this terminal

The problem went away after rebooting into single-user, touching
/etc/ttys and rebooting again into multi-user; still wondering why.

Alex Poylisher

On сб, тра 16, 2009 at 08:05:25 -0700, walt wrote:
> Alex Poylisher wrote:
>> After an unclean shutdown and restart, I am getting a 'Login incorrect or
>> refused on this terminal' for all users but root (immediately after a 
>> username
>> is supplied).
>> Removing and rebuilding pasword databases didn't help.  Any ideas
>> appreciated.
> Have you tried logging in on any pseudo-terminal other than tty0? I get the
> same error on tty0 because of the default settings in /etc/ttys, which set
> tty0 as 'the console'.

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