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Re: Remote X connection to NetBSD DomU ?

Michal Suchanek wrote:
2009/5/17 Bruno Damour <>:
I have successfully built a NetBSD DomU on my Opensolaris Dom0. Everything
runs fine, but now I would like to get an X desktop from my NetBSD DomU.
I cannot find the setup.
I installed gdm and enable XDMCP in custom.conf. I try to connect from my
Dom0 with Xephyr, and it presents me the gdm login screen.
If I try to login, it gets back to login screen.
If I try a Xlient or failsafe session, I get a graphic console but cannots
strat any  wm from it (I tried fluxbox)
Is there something preventing X from properly start because there is no
display :0 ?
I see in X logs this cryptical message :

Fatal server error:
xf86OpenConsole: No console driver found
  Supported drivers: pcvt, wscons
  Check your kernel's console driver configuration and /dev entries

Make me suspect the problem is not an Xauth problem.

Any clue would be highly appreciated as my googling doesn't get me anywhere.

Did you try running Xvnc in the domU?

It is not exactly up-to-date X server implementation but it should be
able to run simple desktop like fluxbox fine.

I wonder what the gdm is trying to do because if it indeed hit a fatal
server error you would not be able to see the gdm login screen.
Perhaps it is trying to allow remote logins *and* start a local X

Apparently the X server complains that you do not have a keyboard
which can be prevented by setting up the X server to ignore empty

I suspect that either your X session is just broken and ends very
quickly (which happens often on NetBSD as the WM packages do not ship
pre-made session files) or gdm gets confused about the local server
crashing and does something stupid.


Well, actually it sort of works....
I don't exactly know why but if I get to the console I can launch twm, not fancy but anyway ;-) I even succeeded with fluxbox but it is probably misconfigured as you guessed
Thank you, I'll keep the ML informed


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