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CVS' activity digest - Issue 000

Hi all,

There has been a lot of discussion in the past few week about bringing
Mark Kirby's CVS Digest out of its grave. The following might be seen
as an attempt to do so, the future will confirm it. This is far from
being perfect, but I hope to improve it in the upcoming weeks.

Stop talking, let's see what happened this week...

 -= Bug fix =-
 * Fix 1TB drives support. [Stephen Borrill]
 * PR/41374 - fix for a deadlock involving cache_lookup(). [Yamamoto Takashi]
 * Extend CPU probe of Intel processors to handle extended-models, and
also fix the decode of cache descriptors. [Paul Goyette]

 -= Clean-up =-
 * Device_t/softc split [Christoph Egger, Izumi Tsutsui]
 * Unused code removal. [Andrew Doran]

 -= Developpement =-
 * Lots of work and clean-up done in `netpgp'. [Alistair G. Crooks]
 * Update wpa_supplicant bsd driver to reflect the new way of
associating. [Roy Marples]
 * Update bluetooth service discovery API, merging libsdp into
libbluetooth. [Iain Hibbert]
 * Implement snprintb_m(3) to provide multi-line bit/bit-field decode.
Compared to `snprintb()', the `snprintb_m()' function accepts an
additional argument representing the maximum length of a formatted
string. [Paul Goyette]
 * Add the getdate(3) function and getdate_err value, conforming to
IEEE Std 1003.1 (``POSIX.1'') and the Open Group Base Specifications
X/Open System Interfaces extension (``XSI''). [Brian Ginsbach]

 -= Hardware Support =-
 * Add SH7706, SH7750R, SH7751 and SH7751R processor support [Nonaka Kimihiro]
 * Add PA-RISC 2.0 PIM support [Matt Fleming]

 -= Import =-
 * dhcpcd 5.0.4 [Roy Marples]

 -= Security =-
 * Apply fixes from CVE-2009-0946. This fix multiple exploitable
integer overflow in FreeType 2.3.9 and earlier. It also includes a fix
against malformed compressed data. [matthew green]

Good hacking everybody and see you next week,

 - Arnaud

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