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Re: Script to adjust cpu frequency according to cpu temprature

And, if you've got fans that are controlled by dbcool(4) devices, you can use envstat/powerd as Jeremy suggests, and update the various sysctl(8) values for the fan pulse-width modulators (PWM) exposed by dbcool(4). :)

One of these days I'm gonna sit down and come up with a better interface for this... Maybe if we allocate a device major, some standard ioctl(x) calls can be designed. dbcool(4) is only one example of a fan controller (someone recently posted a simplistic acpi-fan driver)...

On Thu, 7 May 2009, Jeremy C. Reed wrote:

An alternative is to use envstat to configure triggers for this and then
configure powerd to handle them. That is what I use on two systems. (Need
newer than NetBSD 4.)

I wrote about it some here

(I have many more details in my NetBSD docs. Email me off-list if want
more details.)

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