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Re: Unknown ISDN message

[Unsupported B-Protocol 0x91] said:
> I read something that only G.711 is used here in Germany and so I
> should not get a call with a G.722 codec. 

It might be from endpoint to endpoint only (means that the telco
doesn't convert from or into it), but I'm not sure.
To tell more one would need more of the signaling message - the "0x91"
is just the first data byte. The incomplete decoding as done in
i4b_decode_q931_cs0_ie() doesn't look great anyway... I don't
have the real q.931 spec, just a german book which says that
"0x91" means "transparent digital with sounds and announcements
(ex 7 kHz)", more detailed info is in the two following bytes.
So if you are curious, you could print out more of *msg_ptr
in that function.

> Does the NetBSD isdn driver reject such calls, so the also connected
> isdn phone doesn't get it?

Afaict it doesn't actively reject calls, so I think the phone
ignores it because it can't handle it.

best regards

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