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Re: ipv6 connectivity broken in -current (again)

>>>>> "Thomas" == Thomas Klausner <> writes:

    >> Since about 2 days -current kernel panic during any kind of
    >> ipv6 connectivity! (Does anybody else see this?)

    Thomas> Have you tried backing out these two?

    Thomas> Module Name: src Committed By: elad Date: Thu Apr 30
    Thomas> 18:18:34 UTC 2009

    Thomas> Modified Files:
    Thomas>     src/sys/netinet: in_pcb.c src/sys/netinet6: in6_pcb.c
    Thomas>     in6_pcb.h udp6_output.c

That helped!

  $ cd .../src/sys/netinet{,6}
  $ cvs update -dPA -D "2009-4-30 18:00"

... gave me back ipv6 connectivity. There were other changes in this
area meanwhile, though ...

send-pr? Or is somebody already looking into this?


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