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Re: Xorg 100% cpu with gnome

Greg Troxel wrote:
I'm not sure what's wrong, so I'll describe it and would appreciate
reports of similar trouble.

I have a Thinkpad T60 that I've been running NetBSD on since 2006-08.  I
recently upgraded from 4.99.{summer 08} to 5.0_RC2 (March 3 build).  I
generally track pkgsrc head, and updated around 3/22-3/24 (via pkg_rr).
At some point recently I noticed the fan being loud, but thought it was
the disk.  Last night I realized that Xorg was pegged at 100% of 1 cpu,
but everything still works.  geeqie (gqview ng) was very slow, which is
why I noticed.

I removed applets from my panel one at a time, and chmod'd things like
nautilus and metacity to 0 and killed them, until I was left with
gnome-session and xterm, and still Xorg was pegged.  xlsclients needs a
way to show # requests recently or cpu time due to each client - is
there some easy way to check this?  Nothing obvious in Xorg.0.log.

I am now using the same Xorg config, but with twm, xterm, emacs, xload,
xclock, essentially the setup I used since switching from uwm around
1990 until I started using gnome, plus firefox 3, so I'm enjoying a bit
of software retrocomputing.  Xorg shows 7m31 cpu time in 1h56 minutes.
Seems like a lot, but not broken - around 7% average.

So, I suspect something is wrong in gnome-session or the server.  I'll
update pkgsrc and will pkg_rr again, and update along netbsd-5 and
rebuild, but I want to suggest to others to check their servers, and I'd
appreciate hearing any adverse reports.

Yes indeed, I was seeing 100% cpu (but only 1 of 2 cpu's) after updating
my gnome about a week ago.  I can't even begin to remember everything I
tweaked and recompiled or how many times I deleted my .gconf and .gnome2
and .nautilus directories etc. etc.

Eventually I got to the point that gnome is using trivial cpu cycles but
I can't tell you why :-(

However -- if I start gnome the same way I've been starting it for years
now, the first character I type on the keyboard completely locks up the
gnome desktop.  (Using 100% cpu was actually better ;-)

From my experience with gentoo linux, which is also suffering some gnome
keyboard weirdness lately, my gut feeling is that all of this has to do
with libxklavier or xf86-input-evdev (not sure pkgsrc is using that yet)
or at least *something* to do with the keyboard.

I do know from talking to the dbus devs that every X session should now
invoke the session manager with "dbus-launch your-session-manager-here"
for kde, gnome, and almost everything else as well.  You should also
start a system dbus-daemon at system startup, also hald and probably
consolekit as well.

The folks at are pushing these changes to unify all of
the confusing and competing gui desktops -- but I'm a long way from
understanding the whole thing.

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